Class Rooms

Well-ventilated and spacious class rooms make for a pleasant learning experience, The audio visual facility in every class room, enriches learning experience. The size of the class room and the seating arrangement makes it easy for teachers to give individual attention to every student in the class.


Areas of Study

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Student-to-Faculty Ratio


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Computer Laboratory

Computer education is an integral part of the school curriculum from grades 1 to 10.The school has state-of-art IT infrastructure with a next generation computer lab. Computers in the lab, audio-visual rooms and the staff rooms are networked. The curriculum is designed in a way that keeps the students abreast with frontier technology.

Physics Laboratory

Physics Laboratory is an open laboratory to cater to inter-disciplinary experimentation. The lab is equipped with instruments that allow structural experimentation by students. It allows to gain hands –on experience with instruments and apparatus that affords them unfettered opportunity to experiment. It is indeed a wonderful resource unit of the school. Physics Laboratory at SRPS is a well organised, and a wonderful resource unit of the school.

Chemistry Laboratory

The school has a spacious and a well-equipped Chemistry Laboratory. The laboratory has a wide range of chemicals and apparatus that help in enriching the learning of the students. Students get hands-on experience while performing experiments. Under the guidance of teachers, students not only learn concepts related to the subject but they also develop observation, analytical and logical skills. Students are provided opportunities to undertake projects outside their curriculum.

Biology Laboratory

At SRPS we believe that learning is by doing. We have two well-equipped laboratories, junior and senior school labs. A spacious laboratory for our senior school has different preserved specimens, a wide range of permanent slides, light microscopes, models of the brain, sense organs, and human skeleton. In addition, we have excellent facilities for the students of Grades 9 & 10, to get hands-on experience in performing different experiments such as temporary mount/slide preparations, chemical analysis of testing water samples for microbes, observing pollen germination, paper chromatography, study of osmosis etc.

The Biology laboratory with its wide range of equipment, specimens and models serves as an excellent platform for learning and experimentation.


The school has a multipurpose auditorium. The auditorium is fully air conditioned and is equipped with the latest audio-visual facilities. The auditorium comes to life during important functions, competitions, class assemblies and other inter-school and intra school activities. The stage help-s the students to showcase their extra-curricular talents. There is no gainsaying that prowess in extra-curricular activities are essential for a students’ all-round development.