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Admission Form

Admission Form


We are ever grateful to our parent community for joining hands with us in creating an atmosphere of excellence. They add value to the holistic approach of the school by conducting workshops and arranging educational trips. We acknowledge their invaluable contribution and support in helping enhance leadership and collaborative skills.
A special mention of our alumni. They have proved to be effective leaders and successful entrepreneurs in various fields. On their visits they hold various seminars and workshops based on career awareness and personality development. Thus, alumni, through their participation and involvement have always remained an integral and important part of SRPS.

The aim of services is to impart quality education and to ensure that the future generation is knowledgeable and smart.
Our aims to enhance the competitiveness of the country by providing high-quality education for students.
Our aim and motive is to offer support to students who are planning in future for higher education and studying.
Our Alumni get in touch with at present students and share their expertise and best practices in a given field.At present

The Application Process


Start Online Submission

Online submission of application form through internet on our website.

Fill All Required Fields

Fill All Required Fields In Form for Your Child admission.

Submit The Form

Clicking On Submit Button To Submit Data Fill In online form.

Review The Submission

Our admin office team review the Submission for admission.

Interviewing Process

Our admin team conduct Interviewing Process for admission.

Last Decision

Right of admission is reserved by the school admin team.

Things To Know First

Kindly check your wards almanac daily and encourage them to complete their homework. Also check teachers remarks section on regular basis and sign on it whenever needed.

You will need :

  • The form is likely to be rejected if it is left incomplete or any discrepancy is found.
  • Documents instructed by the school are necessary to submit with form.
  • Send your ward regularly on time in school uniform as specified.

When To Apply?

When To Apply?

Documents not submitted through the online method can be mailed to: